16 Giles Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403

Match Info

Ant Hill Range is a private club, but does host shooting competitions on a regular basis. Competitive matches are held on most Sundays and are open to the public for either participation or viewing. Ant Hill Range specifically invites match participants (both male and female) who are members of other gun clubs, the USPSA, IDPA, US Military, Law Enforcement, and the NRA. All persons of good character and good will are welcome to compete.

Ant Hill is a COLD RANGE. All Ant Hill Matches are subject to COLD RANGE rules.

Match Schedule:

2nd Sunday of each month: Steel Challenge Start @ Noon. Match Director: Joe Moran

3rd Sunday of each Month: USPSA start @ Noon. Match Director: Joe Moran

4th Sunday of each Month: IDPA start @ Noon. Match Director: Scott Tripp

All months which have a 5th Sunday: 3-Gun start @ Noon. Match Director: Joe Moran

Ant Hill Range Cold Range Policy:

Ant Hill Range is a COLD RANGE! This means your firearm must be unloaded with no magazine inserted and the hammer must be down on an empty chamber. Your firearm must be bagged or in your holster. You may put your holster on at your vehicle or another convenient place but you may only unbag and holster your firearm in a designated Safe Area. There are two designated Safe Areas at Ant Hill Range for your convenience. You may only unholster your firearm when directed to do so by a Range Officer (as you prepare to shoot your turn) or in a Safe Area if you need to service your firearm. The only time you are permitted to have a loaded firearm is when you are shooting your turn in a match and you are directed by a Range Officer to “Load and make ready”. Neither live nor dummy ammunition may be handled in a Safe Area. When you prepare to leave the match, return to one of the Safe Areas and there, and only there, unholster and then rebag your firearm. Handling of ammunition in a safe area is expressly prohibited and will result in a match disqualification!

Remember, matches at Ant Hill are all volunteer sports, we need YOUR HELP setting up, pasting, resetting stages & tearing down after the match. Please do your part and help our matches run smoothly!