Weclome to Ant Hill Range - Where the finest shooters in the Carolinas come to compete!

Attention Ant Hill Members:

The new Electonic Gate is fully operating. You must bring 25.00 cash or check for a deposit and a photo ID. From here on out you will need to call Barbara to arrange a pick up time. In the meantime, those who have no card will be locked out of the range. Thank you for shooting at Ant Hill!


IDPA BACK UP GUN Match. August 24th
3 Stages. 75 rounds. No concealment garment, shooters must use a back up gun (i.e. a semi-auto with a barrel 3.8'' or shorter or a revolver with a 3'' barrel or shorter) to compete.

Scores for the August 17th USPSA Match are up!

Remember; Matches at Ant Hill are all volunteer sports, we need YOUR HELP setting up, pasting, resetting stages & tearing down after the match. Please do your part and help our matches run smoothly!